The Secret to Sibling Success
My brothers are my comrades, and I wrote about why
for Modern Love and the New York Times. The essay was also featured on the Modern Love podcast, which you can listen to here. (Bonus photo of us and our bowl cuts from the 1970s.)

Closing its Doors
How the U.S. turned away 20,000 Jewish child refugees
on the eve of World War II.
SLATE magazine

A Noir Novel of Motherhood
My review of Edan Lepucki’s novel Woman No. 17  for the New York Times Book Review.

A Father-Son Novel Served With a Twist
I reviewed Mark Sarvas’s Memento Park for the New York Times Book Review.

Ash’s Passion
A popular Yiddish novelist strove for immortality by taking on Jesus, but it made him a marked man
TABLET Magazine

Death of a Pothead
A conversation with the excellent Elisa Albert about her first novel, The Book of Dahlia
TABLET Magazine


How to Make it to the Promised Land
TABLET Magazine

Choosing Generic Drugs